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Wooden greenhouse Price in Kenya | No 1 Strong Quality

Wooden greenhouse price in Kenya varies depending on the size. For example, an 8m by 15m greenhouse will cost 165,000, while an 8m by 30m greenhouse is priced at 260,000. The distance to the farm site, materials used, and design will determine whether you can have a low-cost greenhouse construction

A Wooden greenhouse is a controlled microclimate-covered structure using a 200-micron UV-treated polythene, irrigated with a drip kit for precision watering, and vented with insect netting to allow air circulation for optimum plant growth and development.

The Kenyan government is promoting greenhouse farming in Kenya by removing all restrictions on the entry of greenhouse polythene into the country.

Wooden greenhouses price in Kenya

8 X 15440-6003-4 DAYS1000 LKSH 165,000.00
8 X 24600-7004-5 DAYS1000 LKSH 195,000,00
8 X 301000-12004-5 DAYS1000 LKSH 260,000.00
16 X 30 2000-24005-7 DAYS2000 LKSH 480,000.00
24 X 303000-36007-10 DAYS3000 LKSH 640,000.00

In western kenya like kisumu and kakamega wooden materials are readily available hence lower price of wooden greenhouse compared to coastal region.

Farmer requirement depending on greenhouse sizes:

A farmer will be reuired to offer the following for a seeamless greenhouse construction excersise.

  • Sand
  • Ballast
  • Casual labor
  • Water connection to greenhoude tank
  • Manure
  • Farm hand
  • Tank stand
  • Transport
  • Cements

Durability of wooden frame greenhouses in Kenya

Wooden greenhouse durability depends on the timber used, weather and craftmanship of the technician. When a wooden greenhouse is constructed with treated post and poles the last longer compared to non treated timber.

Treated wooden framed greenhouse last between 6-10 yrs while non treated wooden frame greenhouse last between 2-6yrs. Wooden greenhouse durability in kenya will play a big factor in determining whether you go for treated or non treated.

Weather is also abig factor to consider: when building a timber greenhouse the gables should face direction with much wind since along the greenhouse units is highly braced against the wind. Wind speed of more than 120 km/hr tend to be destructive to wooden greenhouse if the craftmanship is poor,

Greenhouse construction materials in kenya

MATERIALS8 M X15 M8 M X 24 M8 M X 30 M16 M X 30 M
Polythene uv 200m400 SQM600 SQM700 SQM1200SQM
Assorted Nails15KG20KG30KG55KG
Wall pass3 KG5 KG7 KG12 KG
Insect nets 40 m60 SQM80 SQM120 SQM180SQ M
Sand wheelbarrow35712
Post and poles90 PCS120 PCS150 PCS250 PCS
Cement bags2234
Gravel wheelbarrow35712
Timber 3″ by 2″feet50505040
Wooden greenhouse materials in kenya

At hortitechno greenhouses we have qualified technical team who understand the depth of constructing a greenhouse to the best durable standards. When you construct your greenhouse with hortitechno you will have value for your money with the best greenhouses price in kenya.

Wooden greenhouse Price in Kenya

Wooden greenhouse specification

Gutter Height2.5 M -3.0 M
Apex heigh4.5 M -5.0 M
VentilationTop and sides
Cover200 Micron UV polythene
Irrigation typeDrip irrigation system
Reccommended PlantsHybrid vegetables
EntryDoor or a pourch
Wooden greenhouse specifications

At hortitechno we are happy to serve you with our rich years of expirience and give the best wooden greenhouse price in Kenya.

Where do i buy wooden greenhouse in kenya?

Wooden greenhouse

Wooden greenhouse for sale is done by hortitechno greenhouses at affordable prices in kenya.

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