Wooden greenhouse in Kenya

Wooden greenhouse in Kenya is a plant house made from wooden frames and covered with greenhouse polythene and insect nets . The wooden greenhouse gives favorable climatic condition for plants to grow with vigor, uniformity and minimizes use of chemicals since plants grow in a controlled environment.

Advantages of wooden greenhouse

  • Wooden greenhouses are affordable compared to metallic greenhouse. In Kenya we have trees available locally compared to metal that is being imported.
  • Easy to install and construct: wooden greenhouse in Kenya require no specialized machines, it can be constructed using locally available tools like panga, jembe, saruru and hammer.
  • Customization: wooden greenhouse can be customized in size and shape of the land. Another customization is done based on the climatic condition in relation to the plants to be grown.
  • The production and micro climate is the same with the metallic framed greenhouse.

Wooden greenhouse construction Materials

Wooden greenhouse materials in Kenya comprises of the following materials:

  • Posts
  • Poles
  • Nails
  • Cements
  • Ballast
  • Timber preservatives
  • Greenhouse polythene
  • Insect nets
  • Wall pass, Hinges, Locks and binding Wire

How to Make wooden greenhouse in Kenya. steps and procedure

Site survey

We conduct site survey to check on the type and topography of the land, road accessibility, Wind breakers like trees, quality and supply of water, Soil sampling , Measurement of the land, History of the land use, Security and viability of the greenhouse Venture.


Payment is done according to the size of greenhouse, use, accessories and distance of the farm from our offices. After payment a client gives us a lead time between 2- 7 days.

Wooden greenhouse installation process

  • Material delivery
  • Measurement of the area for greenhouse installation
  • We make the holes on the measured area
  • Installing the post using cements and ballast
  • Constructing the parlins
  • Covering
  • Drip installation
  • Testing and training on how to operate
  • Handing over to a satisfied client

Wooden greenhouse prices in Kenya

Wooden greenhouse prices in Kenya varies according to size, use, place of installation and the quality of materials used. Below is the costs and sizes of wooden greenhouse in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a greenhouse in Kenya?

Wooden greenhouse building costs start from K.sh 70,000.00 for smaller units to K.sh 500,000 to commercial wooden greenhouses in Kenya. Metallic greenhouses building start from K.sh 120,000 to K.sh 5,000,000.00. The cost of building a greenhouse varies from one place to another depending on materials and distance.

How long does a wooden greenhouse last?

Wooden greenhouse lasts between 3-6 years. The durability of wooden greenhouse is determine by the kind of wood used, termites, climatic conditions like in windy areas repair is frequents.

Are wooden greenhouses any good?

Wooden frame greenhouses are good for production of vegetables in controlled environment, wooden greenhouses are affordable compared to metallic framed greenhouses.

What are the disadvantages of a wooden greenhouse?

wooden greenhouses are prone to termites attacks, frequent repairs and its only durable for 3-6 years only.

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