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Rain Hose Irrigation | No 1 Efficiently powerful

Rain hose irrigation in kenya is one of the most affordable system of irrigation in Kenya. Micro spray tubes, often known as rain hoses, with laser-punched holes are an inexpensive spray irrigation tool. Installing and maintaining it is simple. less expensive than sprinklers and drip irrigation kit.

  • Diameter: 32, 40, 50, and 63 mm.
  • Closely spaced crops, onions, vegetable crops, groundnuts, leafy vegetables, cabbage, plantains, cocoa, palm tree nursery, dragon fruit, tomatoes, lawn, etc. are good uses for micro spray tubes (rain hoses).
Rain hose irrigation in Kenya

Feautures of rain hose in Kenya

(1) Saves water and requires low pressure.

(2) It uniformly sprays tiny water droplets, which enhances seed germination and seedling survival rates.

(3) Use of a spray hose irrigation system after fertilizer aids in the slow wetting of the top-dressed fertilizer, which effectively permits the fertilizer to seep into the soil and reach the roots of plants without being washed away.

(4) It aids in keeping the soil flexible.

(5) It is the best irrigation equipment for uneven landscapes and sandy soil.

(6) Simple to install, labor-saving, and less expensive than sprinklers.

(7) UV radiation resistant.

(8) Stable quality laser drilling. A laser punch creates consistent holes, ensuring a consistent flow of water

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