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Shadenet Price in Kenya and Applications: Strong quality

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Factors determining shadenet price in Kenya.

Shadenets, a crucial component in Hortitechno’s greenhouse solutions in Kenya, are available in various shade percentages, including 15%, 35%, 40%, 50%, 75%, and 90%.

For instance, a 35% shade factor indicates that the net reduces light intensity by 35%, allowing only 65% of light to pass through. The shadenet price in Kenya vary with the percentage and dimensions.

How Shade Net Works

Understanding the specific sunlight and shade requirements of each plant is vital for optimal growth. The right shade factor selection creates favorable climatic conditions, enhancing plant productivity.

Shadenet price in kenya also depends on dimension:

4 meters by 50 meters

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Advantages of Shadenets:

1. Facilitates the cultivation of flowers, foliage, medicinal plants, vegetables, and spices.
2. Ideal for fruit and vegetable nurseries.
3. Enhances yield during the summer season.
4. Provides protection against pest attacks.
5. Shields crops from natural weather disturbances like wind, rain, hail, frost, snow, birds, and insects.
6. Supports the production of graft saplings, reducing mortality in hot summer days.
7. Essential for hardening tissue culture plants.
8. Facilitates quality drying of various agricultural products.
9. Creates a favorable microenvironment for vermicompost production.

Shadenets prices in kenya

Applications of Shadenets:

– Nursery propagation, floriculture, indoor plants, vegetables, tea, coffee, and spices.
– Plant hardening.
– Utilized in cattle sheds, fish ponds, poultry farming, etc.
– Drying various agricultural products.
– Acts as a windbreaker.
– Suitable for greenhouse, terrace gardening, and fencing.
– Used as safety nets for building repairs and constructions.
– Essential in vermicompost units.

Types of Shadenets:

Shadenets are available in different colors such as white, black, red, blue, yellow, and green, as well as combinations:
– Green x Black: Blocks unwanted UV rays and provides an aesthetic look, commonly used in grape cultivation for shading and drying.
– Black x Black: Absorbs and radiates heat inside shadenet houses, ideal for nursery raising.
– Green x Green: Enhances photosynthesis, promoting better foliage in ornamental plants.


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Dimensions N/A

Green, Black


50%, 70%, 90%


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