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seedling trays in kenya | 100% Germination Quality Assuared +254723053026


Seedling trays in kenya offer 100 percent germination percentage for vegetable seeds start up. At hortitechno we have planting seedling trays with different cell numbers ranging from 66 holes , 120 holes, 160 holes, 200 holes and 288 holes.

We offer the best price for planting seedings trays in kenya . Our planting trays are re-usable and made from virgin plastic materials.

Seedling tray in kenya Feautures.

  • Durable and can be reused multiple times
  • Different cells to enable germnating of different sizes of seeds
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Individual growth space for each plant.
  • Optimal water and nutrient absorption.
  • Prevention of root entanglement.
  • Angled cell wall design for proper drainage

Complimentary items needed for pefect germination Using our Planting seedling trays in Kenya:

  • Cocoa Peat / Peatmoss substrate
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Seeds
  • Irrigation

66, 120, 160, 204, 288


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