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Strong Insect Nets in Kenya :Unlock the Potential 40 mesh

KSh 13,750.00KSh 16,500.00

Hortitechno’s Insect Nets are the Ideal Solution for Your Agricultural Needs in Kenya:

– Recommended for use in Greenhouses, Nethouses, and walk-in Tunnels.
– Available in 40 mesh for superior protection against pests.
– Backed by a 5-year* guarantee against UV degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Experience the Difference with Hortitechno’s Insect Nets – Enhance Crop Protection, Promote Healthy Growth, and Secure Sustainable Farming Practices.

Unlock Exclusive Deals Today – Explore the best Insect Net Prices in Kenya and hortitechno is Where to your Buy Insect Nets in Kenya!

Discover the Numerous Benefits of Hortitechno’s Insect Nets in Kenya:

1. Pest Exclusion: Safeguard your crops by effectively preventing the intrusion of harmful insects and pests.

2. Disease Control: Combat the spread of plant diseases transmitted by insects, ensuring the health and vitality of your crops.

3. Pollination Enhancement: Foster optimal pollination by selectively allowing access to beneficial pollinators, promoting robust crop development.

4. Climate Control: Create a controlled microclimate within your greenhouse, nethouse, or walk-in tunnels, shielding your plants from the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions.

5. Reduced Chemical Inputs: Embrace sustainable farming practices and minimize reliance on chemical pesticides, promoting environmentally friendly cultivation methods.

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2.5 M, 3.0 M


50 M


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