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Insect nets in Kenya are used in greenhouses with polythene and net houses. Greenhouse Kenya’s anti-insect nets are specially designed to prevent the entry of pests and insects into your greenhouse or protected environment. With years of research, our team has developed these nets, keeping in mind the unique characteristics of different pests and their flying habits.

Prevent Infestation with Pest Control Mesh

What is the best netting for insects?

Our pest control mesh is made of 100% virgin HDPE, UV-stabilized monofilament yarns, which provide optimum ventilation and are resistant to harsh chemicals. The nets are designed with strong edges, sufficient weight, and flexibility for easy installation. This type of insect net in Kenya is sold by greenhouseKenya at the best insect net prices in Kenya.

Innovative Design for Maximum Protection

Which net is used for catching insects?

Our anti-insect nets in Kenya integrates physical and optical protection. The innovative net significantly reduces the number of pests and insects entering the crop environment, especially thrips, whitefly, and leafminer.

The net contains optical additives that blind and repel the insects before they reach the net. At greenhousekenya we offer the best insect nets in Kenya.


What are the benefits of insect nets in Kenya?

Advantages of Greenhouse Kenya’s Insect Nets

• Keep out a wide range of pests and insects
• Reduce the need for harmful chemical pesticides
• Eliminate downtime due to insect re-entry problems
• Improve ventilation and maintain a better environment for the plants
• Resist abrasion and clean easily
• Economical range

Features of Greenhouse Kenya’s Insect Nets

BIS certified
• Reusable and washable
• Durable
• Different nets available for different target pests
• Permeable for better ventilation
• Well stabilized for UV radiation and can be used for more than 3 to 5 years

Where insect nets is used:

  • Greenhouse ventilations
  • Screen houses
  • Solar dryer shelves
  • Sieving

Get the Ultimate Pest Control Solution with Greenhouse Kenya‘s Insect Nets.

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