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Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya: Strong Quality

KSh 115.00

The benefits of Hortitechno MaxGrow™ Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya extend far beyond protection and productivity:

– Maintains a consistent greenhouse environment, preventing temperature fluctuations.
– Facilitates early crop yields, accelerating harvest timelines by 12 to 20 days.
– Shields plants from scorching sunlight, ensuring optimal growth conditions.
– Enhances light dispersion within the greenhouse, fostering homogeneous growth.
– Safeguards against frost damage, preserving crop integrity during colder seasons.
– Provides long-term durability and flexibility, thanks to advanced EVA additives.
– Mitigates plant overcrowding issues, promoting healthy growth and development.
– Reduces the need for supplementary shading materials during summer months.

Greenhouse polythene Thickness

  • 1000 gauge
  • 200 microns

Colors of greenhouse polythene in Kenya

  • Nectarine/ Clear
  • Yellow/ Green

Greenhhouse polythene Prices are per square meter

Greenhouse polythene in Kenya

Discover the unparalleled durability and strength of Hortitechno MaxGrow™ Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya, meticulously crafted with a five-layered design for utmost reliability.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the uniform thickness throughout the film, fortified by the strategic incorporation of various additives for maximum efficiency.

Choose from a diverse range of sizes, ranging from 4m to 16m, with a thickness spectrum spanning 200 microns.

Tailored to meet your specific agricultural needs, Hortitechno offers four distinct types of Agri-film Solutions:

1. Economic Solution: Ideal for one or two seasons of use.
2. Medium Standard Solution: Engineered to withstand different seasons, resisting up to 350 ppm Sulfur annually.
3. High Standard Solution: Designed for versatile seasonal use, withstanding up to 650 ppm Sulfur per year.
4. Critical Solution: Crafted for delicate cultivation of flowers and vegetables, boasting a lifespan of four years and capable of resisting up to 4,500 ppm Sulfur.

Enhanced with UV stabilizers, our MaxGrow™ Greenhouse Polythene in kenya offer prolonged protection against solar degradation, ensuring an extended usable lifespan.

Moreover, our innovative range of additives caters to diverse agricultural requirements:

Thermal Additives: Minimize temperature differentials between day and night.
– Cooling Effect Additive: Reduces daytime greenhouse temperatures by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.
Anti-fog Additive: Enhances transparency and mitigates fungal growth by eliminating droplets.
Anti-insect Additive: Safeguards crops by repelling harmful insects.
Light Diffuser Additive: Promotes uniform light distribution for optimal plant growth.
Anti-Blackening Additive: Prevents petal blackening while enhancing light efficiency.


Nectarine, Yellow


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