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Butterfly sprinkler In Kenya: Revolutionize Your Crop Growth with the Power of Precision

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Irrigation Butterfly Sprinkler in Kenya

Butterfly sprinkler in Kenya is designed with precision nozzles for creating fine mists or fogs, these sprinklers facilitate temperature regulation and humidity control within the greenhouse, fostering an optimal microclimate for plant cultivation.

– Enhancing climate control, butterfly sprinkler in kenya contribute to maintaining stable temperatures and humidity levels essential for healthy greenhouse environments.


Material: Engineered with durable, high-grade plastic, Hortitechno’s greenhouse irrigation butterfly sprinklers are tailored for the unique demands of Kenyan agriculture, ensuring resilience and longevity in open irrigation and greenhouse environments.

Cost of sprinklers in Kenya depend on the sizes.

Flow Rate: Offering a flow rate of 9-12 liters per minute, these sprinklers in kenya provide extensive coverage, reaching a 360-degree angle and spraying water over a radius of up to 15 feet.

This comprehensive coverage optimizes irrigation efficiency in open and greenhouse setups.

Soil Enrichment: Mimicking the natural process of rainfall, these sprinklers aid in soil enrichment by absorbing atmospheric nitrogen (N2) during spraying, fostering nutrient absorption and promoting soil fertility within greenhouse cultivation.

Uniform Water Distribution: Engineered for uniformity, Hortitechno’s greenhouse irrigation butterfly sprinklers deliver a consistent spray of water drops to every plant, ensuring even hydration across all crops for robust growth and maximum yield potential in Kenya.

Hortitechno offers the best water sprinkler price in Kenya


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