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Metallic greenhouse in Kenya|sturdy productive

Metallic Greenhouse in Kenya serve as controlled environments for a variety of purposes, including year-round vegetable cultivation, floriculture, acclimatization of seedlings, export-oriented fruit crop production, and plant breeding.

The hortitechno Greenhouses in kenya utilize sturdy hot-dipped galvanized steel greenhouse structures, ensuring durability of the greenhouse and stable growing conditions for crops irrespective of external weather fluctuations.

Unlike traditional open-field farming, where crops are vulnerable to sudden climate changes, greenhouse cultivation guarantees consistent conditions, leading to improved quality and increased yields.

These greenhouses are available in sizes ranging from small garden units of 120 sq. m to commercial metallic greenhouse with over 10,000 sq. m, offering customization options to meet specific customer needs.

Metallic greenhouse in Kenya

Key Features & Benefits of metallic greenhouse in Kenya

  • Robust galvanized steel construction for durability.
  • Special aluminum locking and fastening profiles ensure secure enclosure.
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including winds up to 120 km/h, snow, hail, storms, heat, and cold.
  • Capable of supporting hanging loads of 10-20 kg per sq. m.
  • Side wall height of 2.5 m systems provide adequate airflow.
  • Utilizes UV-stabilized covering materials such as polyethylene, polycarbonate.
  • Equipped with cellulose cooling pads and exhaust fan systems for temperature control.
  • Heating systems available for cold climates.
  • Shading and thermal net options for light and temperature control.
  • Trellising systems facilitate efficient cultivation of vegetables and flowers.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly with nut-bolt connections, eliminating the need for welding.
Metallic greenhousse in kenya

Additional Systems

  • Side wall roll-up curtains.
  • Cooling pad and fan systems for temperature regulation.
  • Manual or motorized control of shading/thermal nets.
  • Micro-irrigation and fertigation ( Venturi) systems for efficient water and fertilizer management.
  • Misting systems for humidity control.- used in propagation metallic greenhouse in kenya.
  • Comprehensive control systems ranging from manual to fully computerized with weather station integration.

Benefits of hortitechno metallic greenhouse in Kenya

  • Potential yield increases of 5-15 times or more compared to open-field cultivation.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Lower fertilizer requirements, leading to cost savings.
  • Efficient water usage, resulting in water conservation.
  • Decreased risk of disease outbreaks, reducing disease control costs.
  • Higher efficiency in water and fertilizer utilization.
  • Suitable for cultivation in challenging terrains, soils, and climates.
  • Requires less land area for maximum yield and benefits.
  • Easy operation, maintenance, and control of various systems for optimal plant growth and productivity.

Metallic green house price in kenya

Size of metallic
greenhouse in Kenya
Days of
Water use
per day
Cost of
6 m x 8 m180-2002500100 L180,000
8 mx 12 m360-4002-3500200 L240,000
8 m x 15 m500-6003-41000300 L280,000.00
8 m x 24 m700-8003-41000400 L360,000.00
8 m x 30 m1000-12003-41000600 L480,000.00
16 m x 30 m2000-24005-720001200 L820,000.00
24 m x 30 m3000-36007-1030001800L1,170,000.00
Galvanised Metallic greenhouse sizes and price in Kenya

client provision for greenhouse construction in kenya

Casuals/ day
8 m x 6 m2213
8 m x 12 m4414
8 m x 15 m6625
8 m x 24 m6625
8 m x 30 m8826

Metallic greenhouse Plants / crops / greenhouse vegetables

  • Tomatoes
  • Capsicum
  • Herbs
  • Cucumber
  • Flowers
  • Kales

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