Metallic greenhouse in Kenya

Metallic greenhouse in Kenya is an essential tool for farmers and gardeners , as they provide a controlled environment for growing plants. The metallic greenhouse is a popular option for many farmers due to its durability and strength.

Benefits of Metallic Greenhouses in Kenya:

  • Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions: Metallic greenhouses provide a controlled environment that protects crops from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds, and high temperatures.
  • Increased Crop Yields: Metallic greenhouses provide an ideal environment for plant growth, resulting in increased crop yields and higher quality produce.
  • Pest and Disease Control: Metallic greenhouses in Kenya provide a barrier that prevents pests and diseases from attacking crops, reducing the need for pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Water Conservation: Metallic greenhouses can be fitted with water-saving technologies such as drip irrigation systems, reducing water usage and conserving water resources.
  • Extended Growing Season: Metallic greenhouses provide an extended growing season, allowing farmers to produce crops all year round. Greenhouse tomato varieties are: Anna F1, Tylka F1, Eva F1 and Kimbo F1.

Single span tunnels : Galvanized frame metallic greenhouse in Kenya

Metallic Greenhouse Price in Kenya

8 m by 15 m 220,000 .00
  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Installation
  • Tank 1000 Liters
  • 500-600 plants

8 m by 24 m 320,000 .00
  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Installation
  • Tank 1000 Liters
  • 700-800 plants

8 m by 30 m 370,000 .00
  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Installation
  • Tank 1000 Liters
  • 1000-1200 plants

16 m by 30 m 680,000 .00
  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Installation
  • Tank 2000 Liters
  • 2000-2400 plants
Specification of our metallic greenhouses metallic greenhouse in Kenya

Tunnels greenhouses are suitable for all horticultural plants

  • 4.5 meter Apex height
  • 2.2 Meter Gutter height
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • 200 micron polythene
  • 3-7 days installation
  • Suitable for all climates
  • wind load of up to 120 km/hour
  • Prefabricated

Farmers provision

  • Transport to site
  • Sand and ballast
  • Ladder
  • Technician accommodation
  • Casual labor
  • Water connection to greenhouse Tank
  • Farm hand

Other Greenhouse accessories

  • Seeding trays
  • Seeding substrates
  • Knapsack sprayer
  • Soil testing: Microbiology and Nutrients analysis
  • Training
  • Production manual
  • Agronomy : We offer the best visit and follow ups.
  • Telephone support

The cost of a metallic greenhouse in Kenya depends on various factors such as size, type, and location. However, on average, a standard 8 meters x 15 meters metallic greenhouse costs between Ksh 220,000 to Ksh 270,000. It’s important to note that the price may vary depending on the farm location , quality of materials used, and additional features included in the package like crop support, roll up and entry porch.

Metallic greenhouses are widely available in Kenya, and they can be found in different regions such as Kisumu, Bungoma, Nairobi, and Kitale.

In Kisumu,Bungoma, Kericho, Eldoret,Siaya, Kisii, Migori, Homabay, Kakamega, Busia,Vihiga and Kapsabet farmers can buy metallic greenhouses from greenhouse kenya shop hortitechno produce and services at ondiek highway.

while in Nairobi, Thika, Nyeri, Embu, Machakos, Nanyuki, Kiambu can buy greenhouse and accessories in at Utawala shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

Greenhouse Kenya company offers a range of metallic greenhouses for sale, including top vent, tunnel, multi-bay, multi-span, and mini greenhouses. The prices range from Ksh 200,000 depending on the size and type of structure.

Difference between wooden and metallic greenhouses in Kenya

CostlyLow cost
Durability 10-15 yearsDurability 3-4 years
Premium qualityGood quality
Minimum repairFrequent repair
Transferable with easeOverhaul
Difference between wooden greenhouse and metallic greenhouses

Types of Metallic Greenhouses in Kenya:

There are different types of metallic greenhouses available in Kenya, each with its unique features and benefits. The most common types include:

Top Vent Greenhouses:

These are metallic greenhouses with a vent located at the top of the structure, which allows hot air to escape. This type of greenhouse is ideal for areas with high temperatures and humidity, as it provides an effective way to regulate temperature and humidity levels.

Top vent greenhouses are ideal for planting cut flowers like roses and carnation. Greenhouse Kenya did a top vent greenhouse in Ukunda, South coast of mombasa, kenya for rearing BSF.

Tunnel Greenhouses:

These are common metallic greenhouses in Kenya with a curved roof that forms a tunnel-like structure. This type of greenhouse is suitable for areas with low wind speeds and is ideal for small-scale farming in Kenya.

This metallic greenhouse in Kenya is used to produce tomatoes, capsicum, basil and leafy vegetables. In cold areas the tunnel greenhouse is covered completely with the 200 u.v treated micron to maintain the temperature.

While in mid hot climate like kisumu, Migori, Homabay, Siaya, Machakos and makueni the greenhouse is covered with the polythene and insect net to allow temperature and humidity regulations.

Multi Bay Greenhouses:

These are metallic greenhouses with several bays connected to each other, forming a long structure. Multi-bay greenhouses are ideal for commercial farming and are suitable for large-scale production of crops.

Multibay metallic greenhouses in Kenya are majorly constructed in flower producing area lik e Naivasha, Kiambu, Kampala and Laikipia.

Multi Span Greenhouses:

These are metallic greenhouses with a large span, allowing for a larger growing area. This type of greenhouse is ideal for commercial farming and can accommodate a wide range of crops.

Tunnel greenhouses joined with a gutter forms multi span greenhouses. The smallest unit of multi span greenhouses in Kenya is 16 Meters by 30 Meters

Kitchen Garden Greenhouses:

These are metallic greenhouse kit specifically designed for kitchen gardens. They are small in size and can be installed in small spaces such as balconies, rooftops, and small gardens.

Kitchen garden greenhouses are ideal for growing vegetables and herbs for household consumption. These Mini Greenhouses in kenya are ideal small-scale farming and are easy to install and require minimal space, making them suitable for urban and peri-urban areas like Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Thika e.t.c

Metallic greenhouses are an essential tool for farmers and gardeners in Kenya, providing a controlled environment for plant growth. They come in different sizes and types, making them suitable for small-scale and large-scale farming.

The cost of a metallic greenhouse in Kenya varies depending on the size, type, and location. Farmers in different regions such as Kisumu, Bungoma, Nairobi, and Kitale can easily access metallic greenhouses from greenhouse Kenya.

Metallic greenhouses offer numerous benefits, including increased crop yields, protection from harsh weather conditions, and pest and disease control.

Overall, investing in a metallic greenhouse can be a great way to boost your crop production and improve the quality of your produce.

Greenhouse Kenya Company offer state of the art dynamic greenhouses in Kenya. We are known to be the best suppliers with versatile knowledge in metallic greenhouses in Kenya. Contact us today on +254723053026 for your greenhouse.

How much does greenhouse cost in Kenya?

Greenhouse cost in kenya is between from 70,000.00 for a mini greenhouse. The cost of greenhouse is determined by size ,location , and type.

How much does it cost to start a greenhouse business in Kenya?

The cost of starting a greenhouse business in Kenya can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the greenhouse, location, type of crops to be grown, materials used, and labor costs. Generally, the cost of starting a small greenhouse in Kenya ranges from Kshs 50,000 to Kshs 200,000. For medium-sized greenhouses, the cost may range from Kshs 200,000 to Kshs 1 million, while large-scale greenhouses can cost upwards of Kshs 5 million. Greenhouse kenya offer affordable prices for metallic greenhouses.

How much does a greenhouse paper cost in Kenya?

Greenhouse polythene paper in Kenya cost 105.00 to 125.00 per square meter. Greenhouse polythene have different width and length.
To calculate greenhouse polythene price : length x width x 105.00 = the greenhouse polythene price.

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