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Metallic greenhouse and Wooden greenhouse experts in Kenya. Get quality greenhouse materials at affordable prices. We are walking with you from start to the end, providing the best follow-up service

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High quality materials for greenhouse polythene, insect nets, shade nets and drip irrigation.

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Delivery of greenhouse materials and structure is within 24 hours – 72 hours from payment.

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Our products come with the best manufacturing guarantee, ranging from three years.


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Quality greenhouse polythene , 200 microns, 1000 gauge, u.v treated and 3 years guarantee.

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Creating an efficient and sustainable greenhouse in Kenya begins with choosing the right materials. At hortitechno, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with greenhouse farming in Kenya’s diverse climate zones. Our selection of premium greenhouse materials is designed to optimize plant growth, protect against pests, and conserve water, ensuring your agricultural venture’s success.

 Greenhouse Polythene

Our top-grade greenhouse polythene offers superior clarity, strength, and durability, providing optimal light transmission and temperature control for your crops. Engineered to withstand Kenya’s varied climates, our polythene covers ensure year-round protection against adverse weather, enhancing plant growth and yield.

Insect Nets

Protect your plants from pests and diseases with our high-quality insect nets. Designed to allow maximum airflow and light penetration, our insect nets are an essential barrier against common greenhouse pests, ensuring your crops remain healthy and productive.

Profiles and Metals

Structural integrity is key to a successful greenhouse. Our range includes galvanized metals and sturdy profiles designed for the Kenyan environment. These materials provide a strong, rust-resistant framework for your greenhouse, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

Dam Liners

Water conservation is crucial in Kenyan agriculture. Our durable dam liners are made from high-quality, UV-resistant materials, ensuring water is stored safely and efficiently for irrigation purposes. This is essential for sustainable water management in your greenhouse operation.

Tapping Screws

Securing your greenhouse’s covering and components is vital for its stability. Our tapping screws are specifically designed for fastening greenhouse materials, ensuring a secure, tight fit that withstands the elements.

Drip Irrigation and Automation

Maximize water efficiency and reduce labor costs with our drip irrigation systems and automation solutions. Designed for precision, our systems deliver water and nutrients directly to the plant roots, promoting healthy growth while conserving water. Our automation solutions further enhance efficiency, allowing for remote monitoring and control of irrigation, lighting, and climate conditions within your greenhouse.

At Hortitechno, we are committed to providing Kenyan farmers with the highest quality greenhouse materials and innovative solutions to meet the demands of modern agriculture. Explore our range and take the first step towards a more productive, sustainable greenhouse operation.